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Melissa Presser maintains a general law practice in Southern Illinois, while also traveling throughout the State of Illinois to represent clients at Administrative Hearings in front of the Secretary of State’s Office.   She provides high quality legal representation in every case and in all matters.   Her law practice serves a wide variety of clients, and includes a focus in Driver’s License Reinstatement, DUI Defense, Criminal Defense, Juvenile Law, Guardianships, Estate Planning, and Probate.   In every case, you can ensure that all matters will be handled with a high level of integrity.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

If your license has been revoked by the Secretary of State, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced Illinois driver’s license reinstatement attorney to complete the reinstatement process.  The Secretary of State’s formal hearing process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. The Secretary of State’s Office will be represented by an attorney at your formal hearing, and you should be too.   You are required to bring very specific documentation to your hearing, and you will be questioned under oath by the Hearing Representative for the State.  

The law office of Melissa Presser offers several convenient client meeting locations throughout Southern Illinois and the Chicago area.  She is available to serve clients at each of the formal hearing locations throughout the State.   


DUI & Traffic Defense 

There are two parts to most DUI cases in Illinois.  First, the State has charged you with the crime of Driving Under the Influence, which carries potential criminal penalties, including jail time, a fine, and the possibility of probation, court supervision, or conditional discharge. 

The second part is the administrative sanction and suspension of your driving privileges under the implied consent law.   Following a DUI arrest, the individual being arrested is routinely asked to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test to determine the presence of any alcohol and/or drugs.  The length of the suspension depends on whether the Secretary of State considers you a “first offender,” and whether or not you submitted or refused the test.

Both parts of the proceedings are important and both require the attention and focus of an attorney who can fully represent you in both areas of the case.


Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is one of the most serious situations a person can face in a lifetime.  The consequences of a criminal conviction are far reaching and can negatively impact your life in many ways.  Most importantly, the consequences could include the possibility of jail time and the loss of your freedom.  As a former elected State’s Attorney, Melissa has spent seven years in the courtroom prosecuting all types of felony, misdemeanor, and traffic cases. She is well equipped with the insight and experience needed to zealously defend your criminal case.  It is in your interest to retain an attorney who is intimately familiar with the criminal court process. 

Estate Planning & Probate

There are several types of legal documents which may be utilized to adequately plan an estate and assist in protecting a client’s assets.  The types of services offered by this law office, include wills, deeds, trusts, and powers of attorneys. 

Following a death of a family member, the estate of the deceased must be managed and distributed.  In the event the estate qualifies as a small estate under Illinois law, the process can be streamlined and will not require court approval.  An attorney can assist you with the forms utilized in a small estate to dispose of the estate’s remaining assets.  For estates which exceed the small estate limit set by statute, there is a court process known as probate.  While probating an estate under the Illinois Probate Act does not technically require legal representation, it is highly recommended.  Probate is the legal court process required to administer the estate of a deceased person, including distributing the assets, paying any claims or taxes owed, and transferring any real estate left in the sole ownership of the deceased.        

The law office of Melissa Presser provides legal services for both small and large estates. Contact our office for a free consultation. 


Under Illinois law, guardianships may be used in situations involving both minor children and disabled adults.  A person may be appointed a guardian of a person, guardian of the estate, or both.  For children, there are two types of guardianships: short-term guardianships and plenary guardianships.  Plenary guardianships are permanent and must be approved by court order.  A guardianship of a disabled adult is needed when a person is unable to make and communicate responsible decisions regarding his personal care or finances due to a physical, mental, or developmental disability.  If you believe a guardianship is needed for a person in your life, learn more by scheduling an appointment today.   

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